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  • Pre-stretched braiding hair made with high quality, flame-retardant synthetic fiber.
  • Yaki Texture: Our Pre-stretched braiding hair extensions is Yaki texture natural looking, super soft as Human Hair.
  • Quick and Easy install : since the hair is pre stretched, so it will save much more time to braid and install.
  • Itch-free, tangle-free, shedding-free, very fresh and comfortable to wear, so the pre stretched hair will be long lasting.
  • Hot water setting: you can change the Pre-stretched braiding hair styles very easily by dipping in hot water. You can make box braids crochet hair or senegalese twist crochet hair as you like.

Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Extensions (24 inch, 8 packs, 1B)

    • Difunee Prestretched Braiding Hair Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions .
    • The prestretched braiding hair made with human friendly low temperature flame-retardant synthetic fiber.
    • Soft as human hair, Ultra Light&comfortable to wear with long lasting different braiding hairstyles.
    • You will feel amazing with the braiding hair and get lots of compliments.
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